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Neck Roll Pillow

⭐SLEEP COMFORTABLY – Support your cervical spine, lumbar spine, hips, knees, or ankles all night!
⭐PLUSH, POWERFUL MEMORY FOAM – Prevent soreness and stiffness with the 45D memory foam!
⭐PERFECT HOME & TRAVEL PILLOW – At 18” x 4.4”, your roll travels as a car pillow and plane pillow!
⭐EASY MAINTENANCE – Made of soft bamboo, the hypoallergenic pillow cover is removable & washable!
⭐SATISFACTION IS A YES – Indeed, your supportive foam roll is covered by a Lifetime Warranty!

Sleeping on improper pillows causes you to wake up sore, stiff, and altogether unrested. With a neck roll pillow from YesIndeed, you can customize your sleep position for optimal comfort. Use your roll on its own, or tuck it inside your ordinary pillowcase and adjust accordingly.

Sleep on your side? Not to worry. Made of memory foam that promises both support and versatility, this neck and lumbar roll makes a premium side sleeper pillow. Plus, caring for your pillow is easy breezy with the zip-off cover stitched from bamboo.

Small But Mighty Memory Foam

The dense memory foam in your neck and back support pillow doesn’t collapse under pressure like a regular pillow might. Instead, it provides aerated support all night long, continuously accommodating the contours of your body as you sleep.

Right Size, Travel Size

Lightweight and compact, YesIndeed neck pillows can go with you to work, on road trips, and even in the sky as a carry-on item. They’re especially convenient during hotel stays and overnight trips – customized pillows with your YesIndeed neck roll for superb sleep!

All-Over Chiropractic Pillow

Experience joint relief in several regions of the body! Try your YesIndeed foam roll as a:

  • Cervical Pillow
  • Back Pillow – Makes a great posture-promoting backrest for your chairs at home and at work!
  • Leg Pillow – Alleviate pressure on your hips, knees, and ankles, too!

Neck & Spine Support Without Soreness? YesIndeed.

Start sleeping more soundly with the best pillows for neck pain relief available. Whether you’re a frequent flyer, a side sleeper, or simply looking to bolster your sleep comfort, a YesIndeed neck roll pillow is the choice for you!

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