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Mosquito Eradicator

  • COMPLETE PROTECTION: Effectively eliminate all types of annoying flying bugs in your home, office, garage and warehouse. Covers a 200 sq foot (20 sq meter) area.
  • CHEMICAL FREE PROTECTION: Put away those smelly pesticides! This indoor electric bug zapper for your home is the easiest way to get rid of flying pests without chemicals. Using UV LEDs to attract the bugs, the plug-in insect killer then eliminates them in seconds with high voltage.
  • COMPACT AND POWERFUL: Don’t be fooled by the small size of this electronic mosquito killer, it is a real mosquito eradicator! Great for any room in the house that needs a mosquito, fruit fly or gnat trap.
  • EFFECTIVE PEST CONTROL: The indoor fly killer zaps bugs dead with electricity (3.5 W/ 110v), but is completely encased in a sturdy plastic housing tray, making it totally safe for children and pets.
  • FULL WARRANTY: With any problems, contact us 24/7 – we’ll replace or refund and there’s no need to return the item. We want you to be satisfied with this purchase.

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