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Lice Comb for Kids Treatment Nit Eggs

  • Highly Effective - metal bristles are spaced closely so that each hair strand can be thoroughly inspected which provides maximal nitpicking.
  • Build-In Magnifying Glass – an additional and highly useful feature that allows you to inspect the hair carefully and easily spot all the nits.
  • Gentle on the Hair - rounded shape of bristles and double Grooved Teeth allows hair to glide easily between them without painful and unpleasant tugging, pulling or ripping out while still effectively clearing the hair from the nits.
  • Easy to Clean – Just wash the comb under the water tap. The comb won’t rust from the water as it is made from high quality stainless steel and ABS plastic.
  • Perfect for Any Kind of Hair – the comb works easy and perfectly for long and short hair, fine and thick hair, wet and dry hair.

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