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Anti Aging Face Massager Wand


Gold Sonic Beauty Vibrating Massage Tool – Anti-Aging Therapy Roller & Instant Wrinkle Reducer Enhances Facial Cream Benefits – Tighten & Firm for Younger Looking Skin

  • REDUCE WRINKLES – Regain radiance with the roller that boosts the benefits of your facial creams!
  • TIGHTENS & TONES – Smooth, soothe, and combat wrinkles with 9,000 vibrations a minute!
  • SAVES YOU TIME – Just 10 minutes a day and 1 AA battery are all you need for at-home skin therapy!
  • PERFECTLY PORTABLE – Take care of your skin wherever you go thanks to the simple, cordless design.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – Can you reduce and prevent wrinkles with our facial massage roller? YesIndeed.

Say YesIndeed to Luxurious Skin Care

YesIndeed is dedicated to bringing you skin care products that make you feel like you’re at the spa—at home! This high-frequency massager is no different. Crafted from safe ABS plastic, the face massager resists tarnishing caused by creams and serums. Plus, it's durable enough to withstand 9,000 vibrations a minute to pack a wrinkle-fighting punch. Yet, it’s gentle enough for everyday use. Rejuvenate your skin with YesIndeed.

Massage Your Way to Magnificent Skin

Through its gentle vibrations, your facial device works wonders on wrinkles! In just 3-to-5 weeks, you'll start to see and feel your skin tighten. Your wrinkles diminish and your pores shrink, leaving you looking luminous.

  • Say goodbye to bags! Improve circulation and decrease puffiness.
  • Soften stress lines and relax muscle tissue with therapeutic massage.
  • Deep wrinkles fade away thanks to increased production of collagen and elastin.
  • Exfoliate and detoxify for truly glowing skin.
  • Help lotion and cream to deeply penetrate your skin and heal from the inside out.
  • Lift sagging facial muscles with toning and strengthening vibrations.

Battery Powered for Convenience

Just insert a single AA battery (not included), and apply your firming, hydrating, or anti-wrinkle serum or mask to your face. Switch on the facial massager, and get to rolling!

Sparkling Clean

Keeping your beauty tool clean has never been easier! Clean the handle with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Once your skin routine's over, simply rinse the head with water.

2 Massaging Heads, 1 Perfect Face

Roll on powder, oil, and lotion alike! Spread products evenly with 2 massage heads.

Glowing, Glorious Skin? YesIndeed!

From frown lines to fine lines, your anti-aging massager is here to help! It’s gentle enough to use on the delicate skin around your eyes while also helping to smooth stubborn skin around your jaws. Whether you use it as preventative care or to soften your deepest wrinkles, YesInded’s skin care massager is made for you!

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