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2 Boxes Reusable Silicone Cotton Swab


⭐ REUSABLE & EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE - This is the new generation of baby cotton swabs, beauty qtips
⭐ MULTI-PURPOSE - ear cleaning, makeup qtips, medical cotton swabs, beauty swabs, cotton buds Sticks
⭐ 3 DIFFERENT HEADS, 2 BOXES, 4 COTTON SWABS - hairy cotton swabs to clean ears, another is cosmetic
⭐ ECO-FRIENDLY, REUSABLE & SAVES MONEY - Help to keep the environment by using these reusable swabs
⭐ LIFETIME WARRANTY - This multi-functional reusable silicone swab is designed for all family members


These qtips cotton swabs are the new generation of:

  • reusable q tips
  • reusable cotton swabs
  • reusable swab
  • travel qtips
  • silicone qtip
  • cotton ear swabs
  • qtips for ears

Many uses for every day
Dirt cleaning
Spiral head for cleaning ears or dirt.T  effectively removes grease and dirt.

Makeup and polish nail
Silicone cotton swabs won't leave fluff on your eyeliner or nail polish when you make up. The pointed side can make your details look more refined.

Treating wounds
The rounded part can be used to treat wounds, apply for medicine, and won't leave fluff at the wound.

Keyboard cleanliness, delicate parts of electronic devices, hard-to-reach places
Every day, our keyboard and mobile phone gobble up millions of germs - gently clean the devices with our qtips cotton swabs prime sticks

The advantage compared to disposable swabs cotton

Silicone swabs are reusable and not have fluffy fibers like disposable cotton swabs. You can also use them to clean excess nail polish without any fuzzies behind! You will effectively use fewer disposable cotton swabs in daily life.

One pink box
one sky blue box

4 Silicone Reusable Cotton Swab(three kinds of heads)
2 Packed Boxes 

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